The Ridgefield Ladies Golf Association (RLGA) plays according to the rules of the USGA  and the Ridgefield Golf Course . Specific rules of play regarding weekly contests are posted prior to the competition on league days.


  • Inclement Weather:  If the golf course is open, league play should proceed.   When weather is questionable, do not assume play is cancelled.  Check with pro shop to see if course is open.



Rules to Speed Play: 

  • For regular RLGA events and in the interest of speeding up play please adhere to the following guidelines.  These will not apply in official tournaments such as the Club Championship.


  • If a player reaches her maximum score, she should pick up her ball, take her maximum score and mark the scorecard accordingly.  For example, if your maximum score is 10, after your 9th stroke, pickup your ball and record (x10) for that hole.


  • 12 inch putts may be given (outside edge of hole to front edge of the ball), with the consensus of the other players in the group.  There will be no measuring of the distance.


“A player’s position on the golf course is immediately behind the group in front, not immediately in front of the group behind!”   Be ready to play when it is your turn.  Do not leave carts and clubs in the front of the green so players behind can play up as soon as the pin has been replaced.



  • Must be paid prior to play with the RLGA.  Anyone playing once with the RLGA is liable for her dues for the current year.



  • Once tee times have been posted, DO NOT change them without first notifying the Tee Time Chairperson.   See -  Tee Time Request.


  • Players must report to the starter 20 minutes before tee time.  Latecomers may lose their tee time!



  • All holes must be completed on league days to be eligible for prizes.

  • All scores, in competition or not, must be turned in for handicap on the date of play.


  • If you pick up your ball and do not complete a hole, you must announce to your opponents that  you are no longer in the contest. Take your maximum score for that hole. You may continue to play the rest of the  round.


  • You may NOT ENTER the score for the league contest, but you MUST POST that score for the handicap.


Score Cards:  

  • If your card is not valid, you cannot be included in the  contest results!
  • Valid scorecards must list legibly the first initial and last names of players, the date and have the  signatures of the Scorekeeper and another player in the group.


  • Determine weekly contest scores according to the directions for the contest; and place the scorecard in the  9-hole or 18-hole box in the Ladies Lounge.


  • Post your handicap adjusted (Equitable Stroke Control) score in the computer or online at  www.GHIN.com .


RIDGEFIELD GOLF COURSE          Course Rating       Slope Rating    

USGA Red Tees                                        70.3                         120

Front 9-holes                                              33.7                         111

Back 9-holes                                              35.8                         123


RGLA Championship Tournament:

  • For all members who have a valid handicap from the Ridgefield  Golf Course  AND who have played at least 5 of the Tuesdays declared official league days.


  • Inclement Weather:  If course is OPEN on the Championship Date, play is postponed to the scheduled Rain  Date  ONLY if NO  CARTS are allowed. 

If course is open on Rain Date, play proceeds even without carts.