Scorecards & Posting Scores


  • Group scorecards: Weekly contest/tournament group scorecards at a minimum should have all players' first initials and last names; the date; and two signatures (scorer and attester) confirming that the scores and totals are accurate.  On Mondays, players will be receiving their pre-printed scorecard by email. Please print off the page that contains your tee time group's scorecard.


  • Every player is encouraged to keep their own scorecard during play, and at least one person out of the group should keep everyone's score as to have one group scorecard.


  • Players must complete the round to be eligible for the weekly contest.
  • After play, the individual gross scores are confirmed and recorded on the valid group scorecard, signed by both the scorer and the attester.  DO NOT enter your score into the GHIN system! The league will do that for you from your score card.


  • Before leaving the course, the valid group scorecard must be put in the folders by the bulletin board in the ladies room.  Note - If a valid scorecard is not turned in, no one in the group will be eligible for prizes. 


  • By the following Tuesday, the winners for the contest/tournament will be emailed to you as well as available on Golf Genius, click link below:
                                                   Weekly Winners


  • If you are a winner, you will be given Pro Shop credit to be used toward 

   merchandise purchases, pull cart rentals, or lessons. The Pro Shop will be able              to tell you what credit you have available to spend.